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I was raised by conservative parents Northern California.

Graduated from Cupertino High School

Education: Received two degrees in education - Physical Education/Teacher
(1) Performing Theater Arts/ Dance Emphasis
(2) Awarded high honors in education, one art minor

Bikram Yoga Student (8 challenges)

Theatre Experience: Danced with a professional Martha Graham dance
company, New York, NY

Over 20 years as Fem Dom (started Las Vegas)

8 years as a phone sex dominatrix

Tantric Instructor 3rd level

Erotic Fantasy Role Play

Energy Facilitator "Psychic-K"


SWITCHES:  Cherry, Birch, Orange, Lime, Rose

I order men, go out to the back yard and cut own switches.  Laughing!

Stats: Mature Over 60 Danish Blonde Queen of Everything
5'7" with long legs, 125 lbs, 38D-24-36
Size 10 (USA) shoe with long painted toes, well-manicured feet

P h i l o s o p h y

Domination is about the exchange of power
between two mature consenting adults

The dominant one (top)
has control or influence over the bottom (submissive), who surrenders to
the authority, discretion, or the will of the dom/top.
The submissive one/bottom gives the dom/top permission to control them.
Communication of wants and needs are of the utmost importance.

Topdomina24-Lady Roxy's dominaguide-gives this award to DivaDiamond RocKHard

Quality Award of Distinction