FETISH from A to Z

I don't buy cigarettes or cigars. 
All my slaves buy them for me.
My favorite cigarettes are the Nat Sherman FANTASIA colored cigarettes.

Smoking Fetish Artist


A fetishist is one who take a non-sexual object and gives it

reasonable obsessive attention or regard.
This non-sexual object arouses or gratifies sexual desire.

Is your fetish is makeup/ lipstick, tickling, or my long 2" gripping toes?

Maybe women's lingerie, boots, rubber PVC etc|
There are over 700 hundred and many more!

My fetish is 1950’s silk stockings and garter belts, bullet bras and open toed-heels.
Black rubber body suit, the nurse uniforms in bandages, leather thigh high boots,
extreme platforms, throwing cream pies in people's faces.

You can order stockings for your Diva with the seams & cuban-heels.
1950 girdles and bullet bras are my favorites.

If you want to get more brownie points from me bring silk stockings to the session.

Size 10 shoe
I Love Bettie Page Anything
Vintage Gas Masks
PVC Bodysuit
9 inch platform heels
Leather Boots Gloves

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