Fetish Mommie:  one of my most favorite power play games with sissy, maid, panty boys.

Little men who are disobedient and naughty, mommy loves to train and instruct.

I will pull your pants off anywhere I want when if you are pouty, slow to move and unrulely.
I might make you keep them off from 1 day up to a week around the house.

Dearest Fantasy Story

When my trainee arrives home, Mommy is wearing a push-up bra, miniskirt, stockings
and sheer black stockings. I playfully slap trainee's face for being late and gently pull
his hair leading his body to my bedroom. Mommy stomps her foot staring into the trainee's face.
"You have made me late for a very hot date!" In my teasing voice, I order the trainee to put
on a pair of my sissy panties from my top dresser drawer. Looking at him dressed in those
pink panties I call him a sissy boy. Then I tell him to kiss Mommy's cleavage.
I notice immediately that sissy is aroused, and act shocked that sissy is so turned on by my cleavage.


I guide sissy down onto the bed and tell him I must punish him for his stiffness.
I use a stocking to tie his hands behind his back and tie his ankles together so he cannot move.
I turn sissy over, slap his face, slowly hike my skirt up and sit on his face.

In a sexy, girlie voice, I tell sissy to kiss Mommy's panties so I will be ready for my hot,
steamy date with my boyfriend. As I grind my panties into my sissy's face, I moan and whisper
how good Mommy feels.
Mommy slides her hand up through the leg-hole on sissy's panties, and begin to play with it.
With each stoke, I tell my trainee that he is a sissy and not a real man.
I remind sissy that he is only allowed his pleasure when I give the command!