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Fetish Fantasy Story "Butter ME Up"

Dear Diva Diamond (FDD) .....

I have this a strange request for my "butter me up" fetish.
I come to you for therapy wanting to stop my madness for "butter".

Tell me youor secret it will stop your addiction.

I confess ......

I dream of being a big bowl of cookie dough with huge chunks of dark chocolate,
marshmallows smothered with soft ice cream.
If you throw in a few red cherries with the chocolate, I would love that.
You are the top chef in a fine Hollywood bakery.
In your kitchen are huge silver ovens with big dials.
You have a timer set out to make sure I'm done just right.

I don't know you have a kinky side
that loves to play with cookie dough.

You love to knead cookie dough.
Please knead me please Diva Diamond.
I love your kneading.

Your tight me up with your black silk stockings, my stomach facing to the ceiling.
You tease me with the dripping ice cream on your tongue and finger tips.
I love your black slip under your chef coat. As you lightly strap me to the soft table,
I see your chest move back and forth. I love the way you tease me with you flesh.
Now scoop up room temperature real butter and rub it all over my cookie dough body.
Now add more dark Hershey syrup and marshmallows over and in me.

I want to be the best damn cookie you can eat.

Whatever you want to do with me .... PLEASE do it.
Oh goodness, is that Champagne you are pouring over my special-ness?

Then you throw a red silk scarf over my eyes. I can't see what you'll do it me.
This is exciting for my special-ness.

You whisper in my ear that the oven warm and cozy. That gets me hot.
You are the best chef every, Fetish Diva Diamond

ooh... Diva you are so gloriously kind and her is my blessing.

AND, here comes your wonderful blessing with wings.


There are those days when a bad boy is obviously too old for a diaper but he's really much too much of a bad boy to wear any pants at all. DIVA and Buttercup, she starts keeping his pants off. She's determined that he's going to make his whizzy wee wee and _ _ _ _ _ _ like a big boy. No pants helps him to learn how to go get the job down faster. He looks so cute prancing without any pants around the house. That's when DIVA decided that pants of any kind are simply not becoming of him – which is most of the time - hahaha.
Buttercup will always remember the wonderful canister enema of milk and molasses that DIVA calls a carminative (carmel) enema. It was fun to see him moan and take all the fluid up inside. It was side-splitting hilarious ----- when she finally let him up and made him run all the way down the long stairs scampering to get to an outdoor privy. He was so cute swinging his flip-flopping bare weenie, his high stepping stride to get a nice place to sit and make his ______. In short DIVA's lady friends were all down there to tease him.

When Buttercup can't mind his manners for the ladies and misbehaves, then he is fully and properly dressed without either his britches or a little pair of panties. When he can mind and behave like a gentleman, the ladies dress him like one, but not until then. No, sir. hahaha --- When DIVA sees him misbehave that means not listening, not paying attention to a lady; he neglects all kinds of things. Diva makes sure he's corrected on what he has to work on. She likes to take his pants from him, blister his bare, lily-fair bottom with a twig/switch; really put rosy stripes on his brazen behind. Then put him out, still without pants, to the corner to stand, truly crying and sobbing in front of the ladies. There is nothing better than the two twin elements of discipline for a bad boy: fear of the ladies and embarrassment in front of the ladies. hahaha – swinging and sporting his little bare set of endowments (nuts) for the ladies. Bare bottom disciplines and enemas are very conducive to a gentleman's learning. September 2012