Smiling, laughing out loud at you at your tiny nuts.

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There are several aspects of humiliation that are very enjoyable to talk about with my dominant and dominant- to-be girlfriends. You know how women like to talk about this and that. There is this private tea party with over 35 women. We take turns at different locations. I am very focused on how I direct the conversation at this tea. We get chatting and the subject of men always comes up. I have noticed that women get stuck in their emotions over men and do not do anything about them. They just complain and hurt themselves, which is not good for one’s beauty. Once a month we meet for tea on a Saturday afternoon. I have come up with a simple plan to help my girlfriends unwind their frustrations about men. We invite a hand-picked male to attend this tea. We get him very comfortable and then go for the attack. We love to pull men's pants down and laugh at their equipment. Many men have average ones (thank God for that), very few have BIG ones (by the way, the Big ones have a difficult time getting some.. a Big one is over 8 1/2"). I like men with small pee pees so I can laugh at them in public.

Little penis men.. oh, that penis is smaller than a battery. What are they to me? USELESS! Not worthy of my attention except verbal ridicule and generous fits of laughter. I will know right away if it is too small. You can tell the size of it by the male's height & weight, body structure, length of fingers and feet. Skinny men have big ones. Count the skinny men out unless we cannot find a very tiny male to laugh at. What is really fun is when you find a really big man with a small one. It is hilarious. Even better, a Big man with a Big mouth, and a little teeny, tiny one. He does not stand a chance. At first he thinks you want to have sex with him and he can live out the harem fantasy. Forget that buddy! NOW, back to the scene of one tiny man and 35 females. He stands there with his underwear and trousers hanging off his ankles. Shocked and embarrassed he tries to conceal it. We gently tell him we love to look at it. We want him to show it off. It is exciting for all of us.

Now for the KI LL... sitting in a big circle with our chairs facing inward to Mr. Tiny, we start pointing our fingers laughing at Mr. Little Dickie. Some of the females laugh so hard I think their bras will pop off. Others stand up and jump up and down like cheerleaders. We made him cry. The male just stands there helpless. He either gets smaller or it gets as big as it is going to get. I ask the secretary to run for the tape measure. After measuring his thing we log its length into our tea notes. Occasionally, a man will cry. He will fall to the ground and sob. We just get up and dance around him chanting about how minute his wiener is. If the length is 3" we rhyme words with it. "A man came to the tea.. His pee pee was only three." Over and over ....louder and louder. Until we get bored with that one. Then one of the bolder females will pull out her strap-on. She will brag about how good she is and give it to one of her girlfriends, right in front of him. This is very humiliating to him . All the females get turned on by watching the strap-on go in and out while the receiver screams for joy!!! Others want a turn and they get it too. Lots of joy, joy, joy! This really makes the male useless. We all chant out loud, "You pathetic thing, you can't get anything." I like to tell him how small he is and how he could never satisfy a real woman. A younger trainee for dominance takes off her panties and tells him to put them on. He tries to run but one of the females who is a bodybuilder stops him dead in his tracks. She holds him down while the women put on the pink, baby doll panties. Another girl whips out her red lipstick and smears it on his lips and cheeks. Out with the digital camera <snap!> and now he is ours forever.

What do I like to call little penis men: tiny, small, inadequate, unsatisfying fucks, pee pee boys, little men, minus-boys, that thing needs a magnifying glass to see it, and whatever you can come up with. Oh, I forgot the balls. I call them pine nuts!!! hahaha hahaha........


Slave's letter to his MISTRESS

"Growing up, I was attracted to strong, bitchy domineering-type girls. I enjoyed it if they pushed me around and abused me. I had this fetish for bondage, and wanted them to tie me up and do things to me, or make me do things that would humiliate me, making them laugh.

I liked to dress up in girl's clothes. I even would wear my sister's things, putting a scarf over my head and go out walking around after dark pretending to be a girl.

When I was a teenager, the strong, dominant-type girls would USE me. Girls that made demands on me as their chauffeur expecting me to drive them around wherever they wanted when they wanted, make me wait for them when they went into store or visit their girlfriends. WITHout a care if I had something to do or not. I guess it was their power trip.. and they had the POWER. "Buy me this, buy me that, take me here, take me there. Loan me $5, etc." They never thought to pay me back. I was too PUSSY WhiPPed to ask---I Loved it.

I was horny and all I could think of was sex, but I got little. I got teased a lot. I was usually only allowed to go so far and the girl would say,"NO!" Dear Diva Diamond, I always obeyed them. When they said NO I stopped. It was torture! It was frustrating, humiliating but I loved every day and night of it.

They were in 100% control of me, spending my money using me as a taxi cab by day and torturing me at night.

One girl was a master of it, and would actually laugh at me and say things like. "Want me? How much? Oh, poor baby!" She would stroke my penis and said I better not come, and tell her if I was close....and she would stop. She knew what she was doing. She would say be still and not move. If I squirmed she would say NO! And stop for a while. I never got past her bare breasts. That is as far as she ever let me go.

One time I climaxed in my pants and she loved it. Teased me about it. She thought it was really funny. I begged her, I offered her money but nothing worked. My climate stain was very small, she laughed at me for not being much of a man!